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Welcome from Julia, CEO of Guardian Angel Security Co P/L, and My Safety LocatorsTM, who is aiming to become your number one supplier of security locator devices in Australia.

I am dedicated to giving you the most reliable and user-friendly locating security devices available in Australia, to help ease your mind when it comes to caring for, and locating what matters to you most.

With a focus on dependability, customer service and local support, My Safety LocatorsTM will become the trusted supplier in Australia.

I founded My Safety LocatorsTM to fulfill the mission to help everyday Aussies feel SAFE  and SECURE.

Living on the Gold Coast, you only need to open the newspaper or turn on the TV to know that security is an issue in our city – and across the country.

As a Registered Nurse, in charge of Casualty, Outpatients and Pathology for many years, I saw first hand the devastating effects of attacks, abuse, sexual assaults, etc..

Friends have had their loved pets, particularly dogs stolen, never to be seen again.

Friends have personally experienced the feeling of terror, violation and hopelessness that comes from being a victim of property crime.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, ‘ property crime is perhaps one of the most common crimes in Australia ‘.

It is for all these reasons, that I decided to do something about it.

I developed My Safety LocatorsTM with a team of security and IT professionals, and, with the assistance of My Safety LocatorsTM devices and app., we are endeavoring to help individuals and small businesses take back control.

This is my passion.

Myself and my team, will now serve customers all over Australia, and are proud to be at the forefront of future development in this area.

REMEMBER to connect with us on Social Media, to stay in the loop with product updates and useful information about security.

My Safety LocatorsTM is currently on Facebook, with Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to follow.

I love to hear from my customers and can attend to questions and queries quickly via email,

If you have purchased one of my safety locators, and need assistance, have questions, please do email

I hope you enjoy the piece of mind that my products bring, as much as I enjoy offering them to you.


Julia A Vincent, CEO Guardian Angel Security Co P/L

My Safety LocatorsTM
1300 99 88 03

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