Warranty Statement

Thanks for buying a MySafetyLocatorTM We definite appreciate your business and value you as our precious customer.

This 3G/4G state of the art SafetyLocatorTM, will serve you well for many years.

If your SafetyLocator TM.  is not working properly,  we are here to help.

You have a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, which is actioned by us.

If your MySafetyLocator TM FAILS within 2 years of your purchase date, we will replace it, no hassles.

So we can determine what has caused the problem with your MySafetyLocator TM,   below is a Report Form, for you to print, complete and email to us, FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE.

Initially, read thru each question to eliminate any setup or user problems. Correct what ever you can.

Then, if your MyCarSafetyLocator TM is still not working properly,  email the completed Report Form to  info@mysafetylocators.com.au .

If we determine the problem is a programming problem, an Auto Electrician, or our technician will be able to fix it, by re-entering the program instructions.

If it is a wiring problem, an Auto Electrician should be able to fix that, using the instructions in the Operation Manual.

When you notify us of a problem, if we are unable to help you or your Auto Electrician to rectify this problem, return your MySafetyLocator TM to us, as fast as possible.

We will test it, and if we find it is faulty, we will EXPRESS MAIL to you, a PROGRAMMED AND TESTED replacement.  This will only take 48 hours.

When we test it, if the problem is simple, we will fix it, and return it to you by EXPRESS MAIL within 48 hours.

Because we test and program every MySafetyLocator TM before it leaves here, it is rare that we have any failures.

When you have your Auto Electrician remove the problem CarSafetyLocator TM, if the existing wires are in good condition, they can be left in place, and the new or returned CarSafetyLocatorTM  can be easily fitted.

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, click on

info@mysafetylocators.com.au   to take you to your mail program.

If you would like to, phone 0412 792 032 to report or discuss the problem.

Report Form for MyCarSafetyLocators TM

Name of owner registered with MySafetyLocators TM  

Address registered with us

What are the phone numbers registered with us ?

Questions –  Please circle Yes or No 

  1. When MyCarSafetyLocator TM   was first switched on, was this done in the open, under the sky, not in a garage or under a verandah ?  Yes No
  2. Will MyCarSafetyLocator TM switch on when the vehicle’s engine is switched on ?   Yes No
  3. Is the vehicle in an area of good phone and GPS reception ? Yes No
  4. When someone is standing several metres away from the vehicle, can the location of the vehicle be seen on a mobile phone ?  Yes No
  5. Can the location be seen on a computer ?  Yes No
  6. Are the phone numbers you are using now … the same as the numbers registered with us ?  Yes No
  7. If you want to change the phone numbers, please list ALL 3 of them here
  8. Is the RED GSM light on ? Yes No
  9. Is the RED GSM light flashing once every second ? Yes No
  10. Is the RED GSM light flashing TWICE every second ?  Yes No
  11. Is the GREEN  GPS light on  ?  Yes No
  12. Is the GREEN  GPS light flashing once every second  ?  Yes No
  13. Is the GREEN  GPS light flashing TWICE every second  ?  Yes No
  14. Is the GPS antenna connected according to the Wiring Diagram in the Operation Manual ?
  15. Is the GSM antenna connected according to the Wiring Diagram in the Operation Manual ?
  16. Has anybody changed the SIM card ? Yes No
  17. If your Locator is 12 months old, have you renewed your SIM card ? Yes No
  18. Does the SOS button send an SMS message to all contact numbers when it is pressed for 3 seconds ? Yes No
  19. Is the SOS wire connected according to the Wiring Diagram in the Operation Manual ? Yes No
  20. If you have any optional extras, are any of these not functioning correctly ? Yes No
  21. If yes, which one or ones ?