Att all Parents and Car Lovers: Who Else Wants to Know What Their Children Are Up To When They Borrow The Car?

Have you ever nervously handed the keys to your other pride and joy (your teenage child) wondering if both your Children and your car will return unscathed?

Well, don’t worry, you are not alone and we have great news for you.

Imagine when you loan the car to your kids that you will know up to the minute:

  • Where they are
  • What speed they are doing
  • Are they revving the engine to much

And, in addition, if you wanted to contact them urgently, (even if they have conveniently turned off their phone) your car turns into the Knight Rider and starts talking to them using your state of the art 2 way communication system.

Our latest state of the art 4g Vehicle safety locator is now available, and is helping many parents sleep easy at night. Think of the peace of mind you have, knowing your children are safe and in addition, making it near impossible for someone to steal your car.

You see, as soon as someone makes a vibration in the car when the vehicle protection system is activated it sets off an alarm and notifies you on your phone.

And, if by some chance they get past the immobilser that is also installed and start heading down the road, you will know within 5 metres where the car is, what speed it is doing and, you can give this information directly to the police.

To date, not one vehicle with our Vehicle protection system on it has been stolen.

If you would like to protect your loved ones, and your car, then request your system now

My Vehicle Safety LocatorsTM The Ultimate Vehicle Anti-Theft Device !

vechile-safety-locatorOver 50,000 vehicles are stolen every year in Australia and a large number of them are never recovered.

Sometimes insurance takes care of the cost of replacing the vehicle, but you still lose all the personal items left in your car and having a vehicle stolen is a traumatic experience nobody should have to suffer.

That’s why we developed My Vehicle Safety LocatorsTM – to protect you from vehicle theft.

My Vehicle Safety LocatorsTM – Are more than just a locator device – they are a powerful anti-theft device !

You can stop a thief in their tracks by disabling the vehicle in 3 different ways:

  1. You can stop the engine by cutting the fuel supply. These features are optional, and can be activated at setup, so that you can disable the vehicle, if stolen.
  2. You can activate the Door Open feature. At least one door needs to be opened to drive the vehicle. My Vehicle Safety LocatorsTM also come with this great feature. The driver’s door can be armed, to warn the owner that someone has opened that door.
4G vehicle and asset locator

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My Vehicle Safety LocatorsTM are packed with powerful features:

  • They work on the 3g, 4G, and Next G networks.
  • They give you real time locating, longitude, latitude, speed, time, and the address your vehicle can be found.
  • You can locate the vehicle on your mobile phones, using our apps or on your computer.
  • The GPS data is transmitted to an internet server, so that real time location can be seen on your computer.
  • You can set up 4 different Geo fence alarms, so you’ll be alerted the moment the vehicle goes outside of these areas.
  • One button SOS alarm that can be used while you’re in the vehicle for emergency situations.