Shock moment as car stolen before owner’s eyes

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Shock moment as car stolen before owner’s eyes
Bulletin 14 august 2017

A GOLD COAST family has been left frustrated and angry after thieves broke into their family home and stole two of their cars in three days.

The robbers broke into the Pimpama house on Friday, stealing a car and a number of items worth thousands of dollars, including two sets of car keys.

** When a vehicle is stolen, if the vehicle has a good quality safety locator installed, one that can remotely disable the vehicle, then the vehicle can be recovered quickly.

Remotely disabling a vehicle is easy with the right equipment.

The one I am thinking of, switches off the fuel, causing the vehicle to stop, slow enough for the thieves to move the vehicle to the side of the road, and abandon it.

When an owner discovers that his or her vehicle has been stolen, opening the app. on their mobile phone, and accessing the Path feature, will confirm that some other person is driving their car !

The Path the vehicle is traveling shows the exact location, making recovery of the vehicle really easy, when thieves abandon it.

Any vehicle with a battery can have one of these Safety Locators installed.

That can be a valuable WORK VEHICLE with lots of EXPENSIVE tools and equipment.

It could be a MOTOR HOME, or a CARAVAN with a small battery fitted.

Or a LOVINGLY RESTORED classic vehicle !!
Or MUM’S CAR used to pick up the kids from school.

Even a TRAILER, with a small battery fitted, can have a Safety Locator installed in a hidden position.
Enjoy Peace Of Mind !!

With 51,394 vehicles stolen last year, why take the risk ?

YOU CAN BUY one of these excellent Vehicle Safety Locators from –

Att all Parents and Car Lovers:

Enjoy Peace Of Mind !!

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