My Vehicle LocatorTM For All Vehicles And Some Assets


Vehicle Safety LocatorTM – The Most Powerful Safety and Emergency Locator System available in Australia!

TWW-15-3GVT is a 3G/4G Vehicle GPS Locator, designed for compact and easy use for vehicle Applications. It is suitable for all vehicles, fleet management, tracking and location, for use by all owners and drivers of all types of vehicles, any item with a battery.

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It is ideal for:
  • Car owners, service shops and car dealers
  • Insurance companies.
  • Car rental companies
  • Taxi companies
  • Dropship companies
  • Project vehicle remote
  • Motor and electric bikes.
  • Fleet management, vehicle real-time locating, communicating and anti-theft.
  • Mining and pastoral workers operating in remote areas
  • Gray nomads touring in the outback.
Vehicle Safety LocatorTM Features:
  • It works on the 3G/4G and GPRS (2 and 2.5G) networks and GPS satellites.
  • Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM will work for many years on the 3G/4G phone and data services here in Australia. ** Be aware that in Australia, 2G is being switched off at the end of 2016. Any device which only works on 2G, GPRS, will stop working then.
  • Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM can locate and monitor any remote target by 3G/4G and GPRS, and communicates via voice and SMS .
  • Real time locating, gives you longitude, latitude, speed, time, and address.
  • Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM will show the current location on nominated mobile phones, using our apps for IOS and Android.
  • It will accept phone calls from any phone.
  • One button SOS emergency call & text alert to all nominated phones.
  • Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM captures the GPS data, and sends it to the authorized mobile numbers by SMS.
  • The location can also be seen on Google earth and Google maps, using the built-in GPS and 3G modules.
  • The GPS data is transmitted by 3G/4G and GPRS, to an internet server, so that real time location can be seen on your computer.
  • 4 Geo fence alarms can be programmed.
Vehicle Safety LocatorTM Specifications
  1. GPS vehicle location through SMS/3G/4G/GPRS/Apps –Apple iOS and Android.
  2. 3G/4G Quad-band (GSM-850 / E-GSM-900 / DCS-1800 / PCS-1900 / UMTS-2100)
  3. High sensitive GPS chipset via U-blox G7020
  4. AGPS – Assisted Global Positioning System is built in the device.
  5. Real time locating gives you longitude, latitude, speed, time, and address.
  6. Data log stores 64KB in its memory when the vehicle is out of range of a GSM signal, 500 data can be saved within its Flash.
  7. Compatible with the vehicle’s original anti-theft alarm system.
  8. Door detection, when the door is not closed properly, or has been left open.
  9. Air-condition on and off detection.
  10. Stop engine by cutting oil or circuit. These features are optional, and can be activated at setup, so that you can disable the vehicle, if stolen.
  11. Remote voice monitoring via an external microphone, accessible via any of the nominated mobile phones.
  12. Movement alarm. If this is set, the device will arm when the vehicle moves, sending the alarm to the authorised phone numbers.
  13. Over-speeding alarm. When setting up Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM in your vehicle, choose the maximum speed permissible on your vehicle.
  14. No GSM alarm, if there is no service, an alarm will notify you, and Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM will start recording.
  15. SOS emergency alarm. SOS emergency call & text alert to all nominated phones.
  16. Seven restricted geographic areas alarms. Use this feature when you want to restrict where the vehicle goes.
  17. Battery Low Alarm.
  18. Vehicle Battery Cut Off
  19. ACC alarm, Adaptive Cruise Control. If your vehicle has this feature, then a driver must turn the ignition key to ACC to start the car. It is an anti-theft feature.
  20. 24 hours location & positioning on our web tracking platform map. When you buy our 3G Vehicle GPS Locator, you will get access to this map.
  21. History of movements & visited places recorded.
  22. Remote restart device. If Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM has been working for a long time, may begin to respond slowly. If this happens, Your Vehicle Safety LocatorTM can be remotely restarted, to keep it in good working status / order.

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Weight 12 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm