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Pet Safety LocatorTM – The Most Powerful Safety and Emergency Locating System available for pets in Australia!

Your Pet Safety LocatorTM allows you to quickly locate and retrieve your beloved Pet should they ever get loose, escape, and go exploring outside of home.

Your Pet Safety LocatorTM is also equipped with a microphone, so users can easily listen in to what their Pet is doing, and any helpful or suspicious noises around them.

This is all thanks to the dedicated design and software of the 3G/4G Pet Safety LocatorTM.

* Please note, all locators require a sim card for high accuracy. We strongly recommend only using the Telstra Network , however the best value is the Aldi 365 which uses this network

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Pet Safety LocatorTM Benefits:
  • Android and iOS Smartphone apps surveillance.
  • Real-time locating and positioning on web-based monitoring software, timely position uploading.
  • GPS positioning accuracy is 5-10 metres.
  • The base station positioning accuracy (LBS): 100-1,000M
  • GPS + LBS (Location Base Positioning) – locate your Pet instantly if you need to know their whereabouts.
  • Remote smart monitoring via a microphone, so you can listen to what your Pet is doing and the surrounding voices and noises.
  • Set up Geo-Fences, so you are alerted if your Pet leaves or enters a set area.
  • Low power consumption management & smart stay.
  • Long lasting lithium battery.
  • Low-battery alarm message.
  • Proactive alerts – Speed alert indicates your Pet is unexpectedly within a moving vehicle.
  • Compact design & light weight, easy to hang on your Pet’s collar.
  • Blind area data store and re-upload.
Pet Safety LocatorTM Detailed Features:
  1. GPS and Location Based Service – When Your Pet Safety LocatorTM is underground or a tunnel, location can be accessed by the Location Based Service.
  2. Real-time locating – Real time locating is by cell phone and computer. Get the location every 10 seconds, when you need to, or every 24 hours.
  3. Position accuracy on the GPS is 5m.
  4. Voice Monitoring- Can hear voices around Your Pet Safety LocatorTM on your cell phone. ( Not on your computer. )
  5. SOS button – If some knowledgeable person finds your Pet, and recognizes that it is wearing a Pet locator, if they look for and use the SOS button, Your Pet Safety LocatorTM will send an SMS message, SOS + the location of your Pet, to all authorized phone numbers and all monitoring web platforms on your computers, and the icon will turn RED.
  6. Mileage calculations – Check the mileage data using your mobile, and web platforms anytime and anywhere.
  7. Check the history of the route – Your Pet Safety LocatorTM can check and replay within one year, the history of the route of the locator, by your web monitoring center.
  8. Google map on mobile – Check the location with Google maps on your mobile phone.
  9. GEO-fence and movement alert – Set up a Geo-Fence on Your Pet Safety LocatorTM to monitor its movements within a designated area, such as your home. Your Pet Safety LocatorTM will send a message to the authorized number when it breaches the area.
  10. Shake and over speed alert – Set shake and over speed alert, and Your Pet Safety Locator Your Pet Safety LocatorTM will send a message when it is shaken, or is in a speeding vehicle. You can set the speed by sending an SMS.
  11. Blind area data store and re-upload – A blind area is where the 3G/4G signal is bad or non-existent, eg. underground parking, tunnels, and similar. Your Pet Safety LocatorTM will record the GPS data in its memory, and upload the information to the server when it can again access the 3G/4G signal. Therefore you will have an accurate record of the whole journey.
  12. Sleeping mode – When Your Pet Safety LocatorTM doesn’t receive a task, it will go to sleep. When in sleep mode the power consumption is only 1-3mAh. When Your Pet Safety LocatorTM receives a nudge, an instruction, or movement, while it is sleeping, it will become active and go to work automatically.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm