My Personal LocatorTM For All People, Children and Adults.


My Safety LocatorsTM – The Most Powerful Safety and Emergency Locating System available in Australia!

The perfect life saving device for anybody who is worried about their safety or the safety of their loved ones.

Perfect for single women worried about their safety, children, teenagers, bushwalkers, people travelling to remote areas, employees working late hours of the night and handling large amounts of cash.

Basically, this device should be used by practically every Australian.



My Safety LocatorsTM features
  • an SOS alarm,
  • a microphone,
  • two way communication,
  • accepts phone calls from any nominated phone numbers,
  • the location on any nominated mobile phone and computer,
  • longitude, latitude, speed and time, accurate position, and street address,
  • position accuracy of 5m via the GPS,
  • mobile phone apps for both Apple iOS and Android
  • location based services, on your computer,
  • a built-in high sensitivity GPS tracking chip,
  • fast and precise locations,
  • a personal GPS locating system,
  • long battery stand-by time.
My Safety LocatorsTM Detailed Features:
  1. GPS + LBS (Location Base Systems) positioning – locate your family member or employee instantly if you need to know their whereabouts.
  2. When the locator is underground or in a tunnel, Location Based Service locates via the GSM network, using the SIM card that is inserted in the device.
  3. When GPS is unavailable for any reason, the LBS takes over automatically, and you have the location details.
  4. Real-time locator
  5. Real time locating is by cell phone and computer platforms, getting locations every 5 seconds.
  6. The GPS position accuracy is 5m.
  7. Voice monitoring – Any listener on a cell phone or computer, can hear the voices around the locator.
  8. SOS button – If the wearer of your My Safety LocatorsTM, has any type of emergency, they can press the SOS button, and your My Safety LocatorsTM will send an SMS message “help me “ to all authorized phone numbers and all monitoring web platforms on your computers.
  9. Check the history of the route
  10. Can check and replay within one year, the history of the route taken by anyone wearing one of your My Safety LocatorsTM devices, by our web monitor centre.
  11. Google maps on mobile
  12. Check the location with a Google map on a mobile phone.
  13. Geo-fence and movement alert
  14. Set up a geo-fence for the unit to notify its movements within a defined area. The unit will send a message to the authorized phone number/s when it breaches the area. See how to set up a Geo-fence in our Glossary.
  15. Sleep mode
  16. When your My Safety LocatorsTM doesn’t receive any task, it will snooze or go to sleep. When in sleep mode the power consumption is only 1-3mAh.
  17. When your My Safety LocatorsTM receives a nudge during snooze or sleep, it will become active immediately and go to work automatically.
My Safety LocatorsTM Specifications
  1. GPS location through SMS/GPRS/APPs
  2. 3G/4G Quad-band (GSM-850 / E-GSM-900 / DCS-1800 / PCS-1900 / UMTS-2100)
  3. Highly sensitive GPS chipset (U-blox G7020)
  4. Real-time locating get longitude, latitude, speed and time, accurate position, and street address.
  5. Your My Safety LocatorsTM accepts phone calls from any phone number.
  6. One SOS button, emergency call & text alert to entire family, with a Voice Monitor function.
  7. Four restricted geographic areas alarms, one auto Geo-Fence
  8. Low battery warning
  9. 24 hours location & positioning on GPS maps.
  10. Records a history of movements & places visited.
  11. Your My Safety LocatorsTM, has a long battery stand-by time.
  12. Web tracking computer platforms. Your My Safety LocatorsTM is supplied with mobile phone apps for both Apple iOS and Android for tracking and monitoring on mobile phones and all computer operating systems.

Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm