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Welcome to the Done for  YOU  Set Up Page  by Guardian Angel Security Co P/L t/a

My Safety Locators TM

the …  Done for YOU Set Up Pages

This is our very special and unique service for every customer who wants all the difficult technical Goobley Gook eliminated.    This is the    “Please do it for me “   page.

This page allows you to choose the details you want entered for you, onto your My Safety Locator, keeping your precious Family and possessions safe, secure, and contactable !!

So let’s begin.

Owner’s details

Name: ___________________
Address: ___________________
Best phone number: ___________________
Best email address: ___________________

**  If you cannot be at your home address for delivery, you will be at work etc.,

please arrange for another person to take delivery and sign, for you.

Delivery address: _________________________________

Person to sign for delivery: ___________________

To register the SIM card we are providing for you, with your FIRST 60 DAYS FREE, and so we can do your setup, we need the following information –

Owner’s driver licence number: ___________________
and Expiry date: ___________________
for over 16s without a driver licence, your Medicare card number ___________________
And Medicare card expiry date ___________________

Or Learner’s permit number ___________________
and Expiry date ___________________
Owner’s date of birth ___________________

**  If you have an ABN and would like your My Safety Locator/s under your business, U can –

** BUT … the best business plan I could find is TWICE  the cost of the Simplicity PrePaid plan.


My Safety Vehicle Locator TM uses approximately 30 MB per month.

Business plan Monthly Data Allowance, is ONLY ….  5MB 

5 MB (Megabyte) = 1,024KB (Kilobytes).

** Unused Data Allowance expires each month.

Check both plans, then choose which plan you want.

If the business plan, then these extra details are needed –

Owner’s business name ___________________
Owner’s business ABN ___________________
Owner’s business address ___________________

Now your programming –

1.SOS Emergency contacts

You can have 3 people and their mobile phone numbers installed by us, for you to contact during any emergency.

These people will be sent the emergency SMS message, when the SOS button is pressed for 3 seconds.

My Safety LocatorTM will call each number in turn, until one person answers.

In the unlikely event that no one answers, after a 5 minute break, to give someone a chance to call, your My Safety Locator TM will continue to phone those 3 numbers until SOMEONE  answers.

In order of preference –

1  Name ___________________
Mobile phone number ___________________
2 Name ___________________
Mobile phone number ___________________
3  Name ___________________
Mobile phone number ___________________

2. SIM which uses Telstra’s Simplicity plan, or the business plan, your choice.

I will insert your SIM card for you, and program it ready for use.

The Simplicity plan is the best I could find.

The cost for the first 60 days is FREE.  See the plan details below on Pages 4-6.

This SIM will be registered in your name with Telstra.

The card which comes with the SIM has the mobile telephone number on it.

** This card will be included in your parcel.

Please remember to renew your SIM, every 59 days if  you choose the 60 day option, or  before the due date if you choose another time frame, see below, so you retain your credit from your previous months.

You can choose to pay 60 days, 90 days or 100 days.

Your My Vehicle Safety LocatorTM goes into sleep mode one minute after the ignition is turned off, using very little power or data while in sleep mode.

If U do NOT recharge your Simplicity SIM, the SOS feature etc. will stop working !! because they rely on a SiM connected to the Telstra mobile network to transmit the SMS emergency message etc., and for someone to be able to contact you in your car, or on your Personal Locator.

 My Vehicle Safety Locators uses approximately 30MB per month  =  $3 per month 


Your supplied Telstra SIM card charges data at 10c per MB – 10 cents per MB  $0.10*30=$3

3. Ignition On/Off alarm

Would you like this installed for you ?  You can switch this feature on and off.  I will include the instructions in your parcel.

4.  I can program for you a geographical boundary, so, if the vehicle is stolen, and moves out of the designated area, all phone numbers will be alerted.

5.  Over speed alarm, is a possible anti theft feature.  Would U like it installed ?

If yes, consider what speed U would like entered.

We suggest the maximum speed allowed on your main motorways, or the maximum speed at which a trailer should be towed. Speed requested .                                      

6. The time interval between signals from My Vehicle Safety Locator is usually every 2 minutes when the ignition is on in the vehicle.

These signals are recorded on the main server, and available on all your mobile devices and  computers via the app. I will supply.

It can be as short as every 30 seconds, which uses more data, or longer, if you prefer.

Time interval between signals requested in minutes…………………………………………………

7  Optional Door opened detection.  A good anti theft feature.  Do that for you ?   Yes   /  No

8      Movement or Vibration alarm

As soon as the vehicle moves, e.g. even the movement of the engine starting, My Vehicle Safety LocatorTM ‘wakes’ and begins signaling.

If a stranger,  or an unauthorised person moves the vehicle, and you have set the movement alarm, you will be alerted via an SMS.

** This benefit can be turned on and off.

** I will include instructions how to do this, by sending an SMS to your My Vehicle Safety Locator TM

When you have read thru all this, is there any other thing you can think of that would be helpfull ? Have you any questions ? Do send an email to –

or an SMS on 1300 99 88 03.

We are here to help you.

and … We Like feedback.  It helps us improve.

We are looking forward to supplying your My Safety Locator. for your vehicle.  

We know you will learn to value it and rely on it.


$30 Pre-Paid Simplicity 60 day plan 

Total Price        $30 per 60 days

Cost of a 2 minute standard national mobile call, with NO flagfall, is 30 cents

Cost of a standard national SMS is 12 cents

Data  10c per MB My Safety Locators use approximately 30MB per month  =  $3 per month  GREAT  VALUE !!

Expiry     60 Days       $15 per month

** Recharge before  60 Days to roll over

your remaining credit.

Plan Details

Telstra Pre-Paid Simplicity

Includes calls / SMS / MMS in Australia as part of your monthly included value.

$30 Recharge =

  • 60 days Expiry
  • + 0¢ Connection fee to standard Australian and international numbers
  • + 15¢ Per min (or part) to standard Australian numbers and from 5¢/min (or part) to standard international numbers
  • + 12¢ Texts to standard Australian numbers
  • + 20¢ to standard International numbers
  • + 10¢ per MB Data

MessageBank® retrieval – 39¢ connection fee and 78¢ per 60 seconds or part.

Credit roll over – Roll over your unused recharge credit when you recharge before your credit expiry date.

Your data usage will be rounded to the nearest MB at the end of each session.

* Recharge $20 for 30 days    ** Recharge $30 for 60 days

*** Recharge $50 for 90 days          **** Recharge $100 for 180 days, 6 months

More about Telstra

In Australia Telstra provides 7.5 million fixed voice services and 16 million mobile services.

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications provider for phone and broadband internet coverage.

The company has a reputation for reliable coverage and excellent product quality with a range of stores around Australia, but in many user reviews tends to fall short in technical support department.

Telstra prides itself on the quality of its products, something that has traditionally been reflected in the generally higher prices of its mobile plans and broadband deals.

Recently Telstra’s marketing approach has taken a dynamic shift from that of a premium service provider to an affordable one, aimed at a larger share of the market.

Telstra’s 4G network has the largest coverage of any Australian mobile network.