Pet Safety

My Pet LocatorTM Pet and Livestock Locator

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Your best friend could be gone in a minute. Watch this video.

The Pet Safety LocatorsTM – Keeping our Best Friend Safe!

The RSPCA reports that they received 133,000 animals in their shelters last year and although many are reunited with their owners, many more aren’t and are ultimately destroyed.

A whopping million animals each year a killed on Australian roads, including many dogs and cats that have strayed onto our roads.

Even worse, a large number of dogs are stolen right from people’s back yards every year, by operators of illegal dog fighting. The more aggressive dogs are used in the fights, while smaller animals are used as “bait” – thrown in with aggressive dogs to be killed or maimed for their practice.

We owe it to our pets to keep them safe from harm, which is why we developed My Pet Safety LocatorTM !

My Pet Safety LocatorTM allow you to quickly locate and retrieve your beloved Pet should they ever get loose, escape, or be stolen from your home.

My Pet Safety LocatorsTM are the Most Powerful Safety and Emergency Locating System available for pets in Australia!

Just look at what they can do:

  • Locate your pet on an Android, iOS Smartphone or your computer.
  • Locate your pet in real time with a GPS positioning accuracy of 5-10 metres.
  • Just put the collar on your pet and you’ll be able to pull up their location
  • The location accuracy is 5 to 10 meters. Very good.
  • The device is fitted with an internal, built in microphone, so you can listen to what your Pet is doing and the surrounding voices and noises.
  • Set up Geo-Fences, so you are alerted the moment your Pet strays out of the area you define.
  • A speed alert will tell you if your Pet is inside a moving vehicle.
  • It will continue to send signals for a maximum of 5 days with the 800mAh 3.7V long lasting lithium battery.
  • It’s compact design & light weight make it easy for your pet to wear.
My Personal LocatorTM For All People, Children and Adults.

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My Safety LocatorTM – The Most Powerful Safety and Emergency Locating System available in Australia!

  • Send SOS alerts to nominated phones with the push of a button.
  • It will continue to send texts and call the nominated phones until SOMEONE answers
  • It works through the popular and far reaching 3G, 4G network and GPRS, giving wide coverage.
  • It’s small enough to hide in clothing, suitcase, etc..
  • An interface that allows your or your partner’s smart phone or computer to locate it.
  • Set up an alarm to alert somebody when the device moves outside a specified area.
  • Full 2 year replacement warranty, no hassles.

The perfect life saving device for anybody who is worried about their safety or the safety of their loved ones.

Perfect for single women worried about their safety, children, teenagers, bushwalkers, people travelling to remote areas, employees working late hours of the night and handling large amounts of cash.

Basically, this device should be used by practically every Australian.

My Vehicle LocatorTM For All Vehicles And Some Assets

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Protection for Your Car

51,394 motor vehicles were stolen throughout Australia last year and although you may be insured, you’ll suffer inconvenience and could also lose personal valuables you’ve left in the car.

With My Car Safety LocatorTM, you’ll be able to quickly see your vehicles location and help bring the thieves to justice, preventing other vehicles from being stolen.