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The best possible protection available

My Personal Safety LocatorsTM are ideal for your personal protection, for your spouse or children.

  • What if your toddler or pre-schooler has wandered away ?
  • What if one of your children is lured into a car, and realise they have done the wrong thing ?
  • Or threatened on their way home from school ?
  • Or in the playground?
  • Or by a family friend who is coming on too strong?
  • What if you are a teenager, and being harassed by bullies ?
  • Or by a pushy male ?
  • Or feeling unsafe around a person who is supposed to be a family friend ?
  • Or find yourself in a corner and no way of escape?
  • What if you are a lone worker ?
  • A bushwalker ?
  • A hang glider ?
  • A mountain climber ?
  • On a trip of a lifetime around Australia?
  • What if you have elderly parents who tend to wander unsupervised ?
  • Or just have falls and need help quickly ?
  • Or feel sick and are just too sick to work out how to use the mobile phone ?
  • What if they have taken too many tablets, are feeling sick, and want to contact a family member ?
  • What if they had one of those other emergency devices around their neck and it takes a long time to get an answer ?
  • What if they were out walking, with a handbag, and the thing around their neck was used to choke them down, so the attacker could grab the handbag ?

Just look at the benefits of My Personal Safety LocatorsTM: