Frequently Asked Questions – My Safety LocatorsTM

01. What makes your product better than the others?

Great question – well first:

  1. My Safety LocatorsTM run on 3G/4G whereas many other devices on the market still use 2G. With 2G being switched off at the end of 2016, 2G devices will no longer work.
  2. My Safety LocatorsTM have many features other brands don’t have (Please click here to see these features My Personal Safety Page, Pet Safety Page, My Car Safety Page)
  3. My Safety LocatorsTM come with an industry leading, two year warranty. If the device fails to work during that two years, we will replace it immediately. Your safety is our primary concern.
02. Two Year Warranty comes with the units?

If the device fails to work during (that) those two years,

If there are any problems with any of your My Safety LocatorsTM within a two year period, we replace them, no hassles.

If you are on the Gold Coast, we’ll install your replacement My Vehicle Safety LocatorsTM free of charge.

Please see our full warranty details, on our Warranty Details page, below, under Customer Service.

03. Can I see the location of my child/pet/car etc. on my mobile phone or computer?

Yes, real time tracking, gives you longitude, latitude, speed, time, and address. If the unit goes into a tunnel or out of range, it will reconnect once it goes back into range and you can access the device history from the 64KB inbuilt memory, and from our server. If you have any problems, do contact us 24/7 on 0412 792 023.

04. Is there an SOS emergency button on My Safety Locator?

Yes. If the wearer of your My Safety LocatorsTM, has any type of emergency, they can press the SOS button, and your My Safety LocatorsTM will send an SMS message “help me” “help me” to all authorized phone numbers, your computers, and all monitoring servers.

05. Can I hear sound from the locator?

Yes. Any listener on a cell phone or computer, can hear the voices around the Locators.

06. Do the apps come with the tracker?

Yes. All the necessary apps for your computer and mobile devices come bundled with all Locators

07. How long does the battery last?
  • My Safety LocatorsTM for vehicles, are connected to the vehicle’s battery, so as long as the vehicle’s battery is charged, My Safety LocatorsTM in vehicles, will work.
  • Personal and Pet My Safety LocatorsTM have long battery stand-by time, 6 days at least.
08. Is there a charger with the tracker?

All My Safety LocatorsTM and My Pet LocatorsTM come complete with a charger and everything you need to start using it. My Vehicle LocatorsTM don’t require a charger as they are connected to the vehicle’s battery.

09. Can I disable the vehicle if it is stolen?
  • Yes, you can stop the engine by cutting the electrical circuit. These feature is optional, and can be activated at setup, so that you can disable the vehicle, if stolen. PLEASE BE AWARE, IF YOU DO THIS, STOPPING THE VEHICLE IN FAST MOVING TRAFFIC MAY PUT YOUR VEHICLE AND THE DRIVER, OTHER VEHICLES AND OTHER DRIVERS ON THE ROAD, IN DANGER. If this causes a crash, YOU COULD be LEGALLY LIABLE.
  • A better way, is to activate the Door Open feature. At least one door needs to be opened to drive the vehicle. My Safety LocatorsTM for vehicles comes with this great feature. FOUR, 4 doors can be armed, to warn the owner that someone has opened a door.
  • An optional extra is a siren. Connect this, and the Door Alarm, and the whole neighbourhood will know an unauthorised person has opened a door.
10. What are Geo Fence Alarms?

Geo Fence Alarms are geographical boundaries you set for humans, animals and vehicles. When My Safety LocatorsTM move outside this geographical boundary, the area you have designated, an alarm will sound on your computer or mobile device, alerting you that the wearer of My Safety LocatorsTM , be it a person, a pet or a vehicle, is now outside this boundary. This is also an anti-theft feature.