Family Safety

My Safety LocatorsTM Family Protection Pack
If you think your Children are safe think again. You must watch this video.

Now you can enjoy protection for Your Whole Family and peace of mind!

Every parent’s worst nightmare is a child not coming home, being abducted or just disappearing! We all see it in movies, we see the news stories and although we know it’s not common, it’s a scenario too terrible to contemplate.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, over 700 Australians are kidnapped or abducted each year and around 230 will be murdered. We all want to make sure that this year’s statistics do not include your children!

Now we can give your family a whole new level of protection with the Family Safety LocatorTM System!

Use your smart phone or computer to SEE where your children, pets or personal items are.

gps locators for kids

The best possible protection for Your Children

When your children carry the tiny My Personal Safety LocatorTM devices, pinned into their pockets, you can locate them at any time. Working from the popular 3G/4G mobile phone system, they have excellent coverage and children can even use the devices to make SOS emergency calls if necessary.

If the children do find themselves in trouble with, a 3 second push of a button, they can send a special “Help Me” SOS emergency text alert, showing their location, to all nominated phones

You can set up geographical alarms to alert you if the children go outside an area you define, and monitor their location on your computer or mobile device.

gps pet locators

Additional protection for your other Family Member

Our pets are part of the family and can cause us a lot of anguish when somebody leaves the door or the gate open and they wander off. Even more disturbing is the possibility of somebody stealing our best friend for illegal dog fights.

So the Family Safety LocatorTM pack includes a My Pet Safety LocatorTM – Just put the collar on your pet and you’ll be able to pull up their location on your computer or mobile device whenever you notice they’re not around.

vehicle locators

Let’s not forget the Family Car

Across Australia last year, there were a whopping 51,394 motor vehicles stolen and although insurance may eventually provide you with a new car, you’ll suffer a lot of inconvenience and may lose some personal valuables left in the car. With My Car Safety LocatorTM , you’ll be able to quickly see your vehicles location and help bring the thieves to justice, preventing other vehicles from being stolen.

A Complete Safety Package for your Family

Your Family Safety LocatorTM Pack includes:

  • Two My Safety LocatorsTM for the kids
  • One My Pet Safety LocatorTM for that other much loved family member
  • One My Car Safety LocatorTM to ensure you never suffer the anguish and inconvenience of losing your car and the personal items inside.

Our advanced My Safety LocatorTM System will allow you to monitor everything from one easy-to-use interface and set Geographical alarms to alert you when any family member or your car move out of the area you’ve defined.

Get the whole Family Safety LocatorTM Pack today for just $1299.
* The World’s best Guarantee! We are the only Company that we know of that believes in their products enough to offer a two year Warranty.