Business Safety

Help Maximise profits by monitoring your business vehicles!

business safety

To be profitable these days, a business needs systems. It’s not enough to leave everything up to the honesty and integrity of your staff. Employee fraud is a major problem in Australia, costing businesses a fortune.

In fact, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Inc., a single employee who continues to commit fraud for over 60 months can cost his company almost a million dollars. And that is all lost profits.

That’s why we crated the Business Safety LocatorTM System, to help you control your costs through monitoring your vehicles.

Employee Fraud is not just theft of money or products, it’s also theft of time. If you’re paying delivery drivers or a mobile sales team by the hour and they’re sitting in a pub or club somewhere, that is employee fraud and it is bleeding cash from your business.

With the Business Safety LocatorTM System, you can track your vehicles at all times on your computer or mobile device. You can set geographical alarms which will alert you when a vehicle is outside an area you designate and if a vehicle goes missing, you can quickly locate it.

Handling cash is also a risk for small business owners, especially taking money to the bank. For this reason, Your Business Safety LocatorTM System includes a My Personal Safety LocatorTM , so the person carrying the money can be monitored at all times and have the ability to send an SOS alarm to a designated phone by pushing a button.


A Complete Safety Package for Business

Your Business Safety LocatorTM Pack includes:

  • One My Personal Safety LocatorsTM for staff members doing banking or handling cash, or working late at night
  • Three Car Safety LocatorTM to help you keep an eye on deliveries and staff using your vehicles.
  • And a locator for your faithful Guard dog.

Our advanced Business Safety LocatorTM System will allow you to monitor everything from one easy-to-use interface and set geographical alarms to alert you when any staff member or your vehicles move out of the area you’ve defined.

Industry Leading TWO Year Warranty