About Us

About My Safety LocatorsTM !

Australian innovation and the latest technology combine to create the most powerful, versatile locating devices on the Australian market !


My Safety LocatorsTM, is a 100% Australian owned company, with our office and warehouse located on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

My Safety LocatorsTM family of products were designed in Australia specifically for Australian needs and conditions and are manufactured overseas.

The company was founded by award winning Australian author and business woman Julia Vincent, who as a mother and grandmother became increasingly concerned about the trends with violent crime and the need for people to have a better method of ensuring their loved ones and businesses were protected.

Julia enlisted the help of a team of local security and IT Professionals and together they designed the suite of My Safety LocatorsTM devices, harnessing the latest technology, combined with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

The result is a powerful, versatile suite of SAFETY devices, which will have a big impact on the SAFETY of YOUR family and YOUR business.